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In earlier version of Entourage they were called "Folders on My Computer". The benefits of this is the mail on your computer is under YOUR control.If you have an Exchange or IMAP account, then they will create folders in the folder list under the Account- each with their own Inboxes. Many Exchange users archive their mail to folders on their computer. When you add an Exchange or IMAP account, you will need to edit your Schedule to select which folders you want to sync.

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If I open my calendar in windows it is fine but on a Mac it shows 1 day early for an 'all day' event and 3 hours early for a 'part day event.' "When any one in the Windows environment makes an 'all day event' on our public calendar it shows up 1 day earlier on my entourage public calendar.

Right-click or Control-click the gray items and select "Subscribe".

New to Entourage 2008, Your Default Account is now listed on top in the folder window. If you use an Exchange or IMAP account the folders "On My Computer" will drop to the bottom right above Mail Views. Many users ask why can't they delete "Folders on My Computer" . "Folders on My Computer" serves as an interface to store and organize (archive) messages locally on your computer.

"As per the test above is someone makes a calendar event from 8:am to 9:am on monday it shows up on my entourage as 5:am to 6:am monday and notifies me 'event and computer times do not match'" Feedback?

Hello, My machine is: Macbook running 10.5.8 Entourage 2008 version 13.0.3 (091002) No problems at home- running VPN and accessing emails.

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