Elizabethan dating marriage customs

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It is estimated that the UK is made up of over 1000 small islands.

The largest lakes are: Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland (147.39 square miles), Loch Lomond in Scotland (27.46 square miles), Lake Windermere in England (5.69 square miles) and 14.74 km²), and Lake Vyrnwy in Wales 3.18 square miles.

Northern Ireland, making up the north-eastern part of Ireland, is mostly hilly.

The climate is generally temperate, though significantly warmer than some other locations at similar latitude, such as central Poland, due to the warming influence of the Gulf Stream. The prevailing winds are south-westerly, from the North Atlantic Current. There can be strong winds and floods, especially in winter.

The principality of Wales was joined to England in 1536 forming the Kingdom of England and Wales.

In 1707 Scotland and England were united to form the Kingdom of Great Britain.

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