Edward norton dating

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The arrests act almost like bookends to a sometimes crazy life.'I've had two mug shots in my lifetime. And if you get them, you better make sure you examine the circumstances that you got them,' Nolte said.'The best way to deal with the biggest mistakes in your life is to discuss them.

Nolte, 77, is now ready to tell his story - warts and all.

He was a Midwestern boy, a natural jock, who found fame later in life when he traded in performing on the stage to movies.'Acting always appealed to me a lot because it's risk taking. I mean when I'm standing backstage and that curtain is about to open I say, 'Why would you do this to yourself?

Are you really that much of an idiot to just expose yourself to a thousand people?

In that booking photo, a pre-famous Nolte wears his hair short and a button-down shirt'He's not embarrassed about it. Obviously, I sure he's regretful of some of these things but he's not embarrassed by it. 'Now with hindsight, all these decades later, he can look back and I think he realizes how often things could have really gone wrong for him.'Nolte describes his own #Me Too moment when, at 21, a Hollywood agent invited him to his Bel Air home for dinner.

After the man excused himself, he returned wearing only a silk dressing gown and announced: 'Hello, cuddle bunny.' Nolte was out the door quick. But I was not an actor at that time at all,' he said.

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