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According to the study, as woman's eggs mature they begin producing more estrogen.This increase in estrogen causes the cervical mucus to change to a more slippery, transparent type mucus.We also offer a bundle of 7 cards for the price of 5!Researchers at the University of North Carolina have studied one method for trying to conceive that may actually double a woman's chance of getting pregnant.In this case, Ryanair, and its long-suffering cabin crew, can probably stick with the more "catchy" claim.Ryanair told : “All of our 129 million customers are already a winner thanks to our unbeatable low fares and our scratch card game offers great prizes including cash, luxury cars and the chance to win €1 million, while supporting charities across the UK and Europe.The scientist posted a picture of a notepad on Twitter with a scribbled calculation working out whether what the airline said was true.Ryanair doing 2 scratch cards for price of 1, claimed it'd double your odds of winning.

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Some doctors have concerns about using this technique to improve fertility.

Slippery mucus is easier for sperm to "swim" through and thicker mucus is very difficult to swim through, creating a barrier.

This study had similar results as previous studies.

And I let the cat out of the bag, guys, but fragrance is the secret weapon.

But, it’s not necessarily what you wear, that would be a study in itself.

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