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A dream where, in the middle of a nutty month, I somehow wormholed my way to the snowy crags of Utah.

I am thankful that Nella’s birth has brought many of these opportunities but that even without them…we’d still have Nella.

Last Thursday Alex and I found out that our sweet Bain was dying.

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And just like that dream where I’m trucking down I-75 in a riding lawn mower, singing patriotic tunes with my old Sunday School teacher, my hair dresser and my Uncle Dale, I’ll remember all the crazy details…ones I’ll rattle off to Brett because, if I don’t, I might forget. And right now, there’s free shipping for orders over (unfortunately, no overseas shipping). A holiday bucket filled with an assortment of sample goodies will go to a random commenter on this post!Bain had lost almost 30 pounds it seemed overnight!His muscles were deteriorating and he could not use his back legs.

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