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If the server connects to the Internet then chances are it should use the Forwarders to resolve names as opposed to Root Hints. Here, you can configure a small monitor that will run queries against the DNS server (or with recursion as indicated with the second option) and you can automate the test to run every so often and show the results. You can log packets of various types with regards to name resolution, filter the output by IP address(es) and dump information out to a file.This is extremely detailed logging so you also have the option to indicate a maximum size of your log files.The Enable BIND secondaries allows a Mac to act as a secondary DNS server for the records stored on this server.This doesn’t work too well with Active Directory service records, in my experience, but works pretty well with anything else provided you define each zone to cache. If you need to edit these then you might be doing something wrong.Here, you’ll see the information you provided when configuring the zone in the first place (btw, zone is pretty much the same thing as domain, except each subnet of IP addresses for PTR records is also considered a zone).At the General tab you can pause a domains DNS, change the zone from a primary to a secondary if needed, etc.You can define primary servers if the zone is a secondary and then provide an email address/username of the user who manages the domain.

This will direct your domain's traffic here, and away from your previous web host.

A common security task would be to disable recursion.

If this server is an Active Directory integrated DNS server doing so would not disable additional Active Directory DNS servers from communicating with one another as they receive their DNS information from Active Directory, as can be seen in the Load zone data on startup field of this screen.

Root hints are the root DNS servers that sit atop the DNS pyramid scheme.

I’ve only ever needed to edit these once, at the instruction of Microsoft during a support call for an environment that was in a walled garden. Here, you can decrease logging so that the server only logs errors, warnings or even nothing at all. This is like a special rockin’ tcpdump for DNS logs.

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