Dima mammoth carbon dating

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It is no wonder, then that Hovind peddles his particular brand of science-denial.This is a slide from part 7 of Hovind’s Creation Seminar.The carbon has been filtered down and sometimes dissolved from carbon-based rocks, greatly reducing the carbon-14 content, suggesting that the carbon-14 has had more time to decay and the sample is much older than it actually is.This is known as the reservoir effect, and is well understood.[4]It’s possible that Hovind knew perfectly well that the information he was presenting was a gross distortion of the facts, and was confident of the probability that none of his target audience would go to the lengths of obtaining the original paper for the purpose of fact-checking.Genesis tells us that Adam and Eve were specially created in the image of God, but brought death and sin into the world when they disobeyed God and ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.Because of this, mankind needed a saviour, and a saviour was provided, in the person of Jesus Christ.

Anthony and titled “Nature’s Deep Freeze” contains no information about the radio-carbon dating of any Mammoth, because the process did not exist in 1949, the year the paper was written.

The Mammoth found at the lower level was naturally found to be older than the one found higher up. You cannot claim there are no vestigial organs merely because your appendix isn’t one.

For someone who is happy to pluck his facts out of thin air and lie through his teeth, Hovind is hypocritically intolerant of what he claims to be errors in the textbooks. Things, as always, particularly when you read further than the title of the paper, are far more complicated than that.

Of course, he also pointed out to the discussion moderator that he ought to be more concerned about the inclusion of incorrect information in current biology textbooks, using the example of the modern whale and its vestigial pelvic bones, one of the many incorrect examples he uses and which has been thoroughly debunked.

It’s funny, but I remember Jesus exhorting his followers to take the plank out of their own eye before they pointed out the splinters in the eyes of others.

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