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As part of a thread called “The Bias Against Short Men,” Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish published an email by a reader struggling with a difficult question: The doctor noticed that my son was comfortably sitting at the bottom of the growth chart and that he would most likely end up a measly 5’5” (a little more than my wife and myself).He went on to say that this could qualify as “idiopathic short stature syndrom.” And that we could potentially get our son on HGH (actually, it’s called r GH I think – see here) if we felt that his projected short height could affect his self-confidence and ultimately, his mental health.If you do “treat” a child’s shortness, does that mean it’s a disease?Crack open any text on bioethics and I can almost guarantee that the “is shortness a disability” example will be somewhere among the pages.The relevant question isn’t “is shortness a disability we should treat with HGH” but, “would making a child who will likely be short a bit taller improve that child’s overall quality of life?” The question is complex and unique to each child, but if investigated earnestly and carefully, I see no reason why increasing a healthy child’s height would be wrong.Neither the father nor the mother consider themselves disabled, and the son is projected to be taller than his parents. Heterosexual women tend to prefer taller men and taller people get bigger paychecks.On the other hand, the other side of the bell curve, too tall, is not much fun either.

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Shortness (and deafness) move between those last two definitions if they are considered a disability at all.

These are disabilities that are a result of the advance of civilization. Imagine trying to use the internet without being able to read or write.

For our prehistoric ancestors on the savanna, no one could read, yet we’d hardly describe any of them as disabled.

Human growth hormone (HGH) is one among the many hormones your body naturally produces.

HGH influences growth in that it helps encourage cell reproduction and regeneration.

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