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Here are some weird dating sites to help you meet the crazies of your dreams.Women Behind Bars If you're looking for the woman of your dreams to "Sing Sing" sing your passions from the mountaintop for without actually having to, you know, interact with face-to-face, then Women Behind Bars might be the perfect dating site for you." is "All the time"; the most popular answer to "What are you looking for on STD Friends?" is "Hooking up.") The site has a wider scope than its alternative, the herpes-and-HPV-only site MPw H, which has been around.The site organizes personals by age and ethnicity (though curiously not sexual orientation).

There’s something for everyone and we will be there on medical standby to ensure everyone has a safe a fun time!!

# I am deeply saddened by the loss of my paramedic colleague and my old friend.

Scott and I grew up in the same town and attended paramedic school together.

Ridley pioneered the 1/8-inch to 1.5-inch head tube in 2005, pre-dating Trek by two years.

Our saddle time was spent doing the popular Loop through Los Altos, Palo Alto, Portola Valley and Woodside, up the legendary Old La Honda Road climb, a favourite litmus test of mine for first rides. Snappy sprinter, reliable descender, and stiff climber.

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