Dating your one night stand

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And of course, there’s the very real possibility that the Great Tadpole Swimming Tournament a woman hurriedly agrees to host might return a positive doping result.

In which case, she’s the one who gets sentenced to nine month’s hard labour.

The newlywed couple would get a mortgage, fill their house with shiny new appliances that were actually built in the same country they lived, and have 3.5 children, one of whom one would join the armed forces.

The wife would gradually put on weight and the husband would slowly lose his hair, and they’d live happily (okay, sometimes happily but often miserably) ever after.

And while psychopaths aren’t quite as common as STDs and unplanned pregnancies, there’s always the potential to be a victim of physical violence when the charming stranger she’s willingly let herself become alone with in fact turns out to be Jack the Ripper II.

In fact, many of these once-were-rebel types now extract a comfortable living dutifully working for the same system, dominated by multinational corporations and freedom-crushing governments, that they once loudly rallied against.

Their claims to having made the world a better place to live might ring hollow, but the bell-bottomed 1960s hippie crowd did leave us with a few lasting legacies.

For crying out loud, take a look around – can we really afford to lower the quality of the human genetic pool, not to mention its fashion sense, even further?

As an ongoing result of what is commonly referred to as the “Sexual Revolution’, sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates have risen, and continue to rise in all age groups.

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