Dating while divorcing christian

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The Bible doesn’t talk of “addiction,” but rather “slavery to sin.” The Bible doesn’t speak of the root of habitual sin as merely a “disease,” but as “idolatry.” Once these categories are understood, many portions of Scripture can and do come to life for the struggling addict.

Biblical language levels the playing field between the so-called addict and the non-addict.

So if a Christian’s value system leads him or her to believe that any sexual gratification outside of marital intimacy is wrong, then doesn’t use the word “addiction” for anything—not drugs, alcohol, nor any behavior.Others would measure addictive use by how much it disturbs their lives: has it cost them money or significant relationships?For the most part, surveys are not standardized around specific definitions or descriptions.When we encounter a new experience, our bodies release an extra dose of pleasure-producing chemicals, a mechanism which encourages us to experience and explore new things.For me, the draw of pornography was largely a draw to novelty.

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