Dating stuart toy steam engines value

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Each of my Jensen engines have been fully restored by me.

I have restored a number of others as well but sold them on and despite restoration, they have all sold at prices equal or better than those seen in the marketplace in original condition.

I know this was not an original feature, but it should have been, it simply looks better ! It featured a non-reversing 20 sized engine with 3 inch boiler, driving a tough to find standalone horseshoe magnet style generator all mounted on a solid wood base.This is the first example I have come across like this..others were either nut and bolt, or riveted.It was so simple to re-attach the boiler straps on this one, that it made me wonder why this strap attachment method was tried and abandoned?? Like the Jensen 20 and 50 further down the website, I took an extra liberty in this restoration...Jensen is still very much in business at their original Jeannette, PA, U. for models dating back to the early 1930's is an excellent source for Jensen identification, and much of my information ties back to it. 2010, a specific tab to this website with a chronology of Jensen models and an extensive variety section covering #10's, 20's, 25's, 50's and 51's put together by two leading collectors. location, and although "old world" in their manufacturing processes, they have a state of the art Jensen website worth a leisurely visit to view their currently made models, tour their one of a kind shop, see how they make their engines and meet the handful of people who ARE Jensen today.

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