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The Republic prospered as the easternmost port of the Hanseatic League.In the middle of the 9th century Novgorod was only a name used to describe a staging post on the trade route from the Baltic Sea to the Byzantine Empire.Losing them meant economic and cultural decline for the city and its inhabitants.Indeed, the ultimate failure of the Novgorodians to win these wars led to the downfall of the Republic.The Novgorodians explored the areas around Lake Onega, along the Northern Dvina, and coastlines of the White Sea.

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The city of Pskov, initially part of the Novgorodian Land, had de facto independence from at least the 13th century after joining the Hanseatic League.Novgorod still possesses relics of the traditional beliefs that preceded Christianity and are now part of their pre-Christian Pagan/Norse/Slavic history.Novgorod continuously played a key role in the politics of Rus' by assisting Vladimir the Great of Kiev, and later by placing Yaroslav the Wise on the Kievan throne.Some scholars argue that the archbishop was the head of the executive branch of the government, although it is difficult to determine the exact competence of the various officials.It is unclear if the archbishop of Novgorod was the real head of state or chief executive of the Novgorod Republic, but in any case he remained an important town official.

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