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'The surveys show that the messages people have been posting have been getting shorter each year,' says Brandtzæg.'This reflects the increase in other types of fast social communication, such as Twitter, which has achieved huge popularity because it is about expressing oneself briefly and concisely in a maximum of 140 characters.Comparing data These volumes of data can therefore provide us with useful information.However, Big Data can become a problem when different sources of data are compared for commercial use in targeted advertising campaigns.Not so long ago, the project that would have seen modernization spread over the whole planet came up against unexpected opposition from the planet itself.

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So far I have compared gender differences in social activity on Facebook between people in Norway, Spain, England, USA, Russia, Egypt, India and China.' Data protection is a problem we often associate with Big Data, but according to Brandtzæg, data from Wisdom is restricted to large groups and does not go down to 'individual level'.It is becoming increasingly common for data about our location to be linked to our purchasing preferences -- about what we like and don't like. Vulnerability and data protection are the dark sides of our new entry into huge data sets and registers.'Who knows -- in two years, perhaps the tax register will be linked to the health and insurance register? 'And tax data can go astray; it has happened before.' What opinions are being communicated? 'We will look at various sources in relation to each other, and for example find out how trustworthy Twitter messages are,' says Brandtzæg.Can Big Data be used as a resource for journalists, and how trustworthy is the information available on social media?This is one of the subjects that the SINTEF researchers will be looking into as part of the EU REVEAL project.

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