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All clinical notes of Social worker and any other CAS workers 3. Request Your Records from the Salvation Army Grace Hospital in Toronto 4.

Maternity Home Records Mothers who resided in Maternity Homes may apply to directly to the Home (if still operating) or the religious organization which ran the home for any records which may have survived: For the Salvation Army Homes contact: Salvation Army Archives, 26 Howden Road, Scarborough, ON M1R 3E4 Phone: (416) 285-4344 United Church of Canada 3250 Bloor Street West, Ste. Records Prior to Adoption Act 1921 See Guardianship and Adoption Records – Ontario Archives you have obtained the names of your natural parents or the child you lost to adoption, some useful tools for your search include: Ontario’s Open Records Campaign In 2009 Ontario became the fourth province in Canada to approve open records.

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Adoption records opened for adoptees and natural parents in Ontario on June 1st, 2009.

An adopted person can obtain his or her original Certificate of Live Birth/Birth Registration, with original name and the name and address of natural mother at the time of birth (Note: father’s names rarely appear as “unwed mothers” were routinely told to “leave it blank”).

The names of Adopters are not released to natural families and may be redacted. Children’s Aid Society Records Adoptees can obtain non-identifying information about the adoption.

This would include social history including ages, physical features, employment.

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Send a registered letter requesting the contents of your file: SAMPLE LETTER Your Address Here Dear Sir/Madam, I am the mother of a child adopted in (Year).

Against much opposition by open records groups, this legislation was later amended to include veto provisions after a legal challenge by three adoptees and one biological father.

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Breakout Room Payments Canada members will all be implementing ISO 20022 across their respective payment platforms very soon.

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