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The best overall GPS we tested was the Rand Mc Nally Over Dryve.

It gave clear directions, had an intuitive interface, handled multiple waypoints and accurately gave efficient, landmark-based directions.

Inside of its sleek, modern exterior lies an arsenal of both essential and premium features, and an interface with a clean design.

This GPS unit comes preloaded with maps of the United States, Canada and Mexico, and if you need to download more, there’s a slot for a micro SD card you can use.

If you pair your smartphone to the device via Bluetooth, you can view incoming traffic alerts – such as those for construction, accidents or traffic cameras – through the companion mobile app.

It can even help you find parking or allow you to share your location with friends.

It easily connects with your smartphone and can interact with your phone’s assistant to play audio, navigate compatible apps, or send and receive calls or texts.

We drove on rural streets as well as freeways laden with construction and traffic, in areas both familiar and unfamiliar to test the performance and functionality of each GPS.The GPS devices comes preloaded with maps of North America along with millions of built-in points of interest, like hotels, gas stations and restaurants.There’s also the option to input custom waypoints, like your house or workplace.You can enter one or many waypoints and it automatically gives you the most efficient route.While driving, the Drive Smart 61 alerts you of upcoming turns, toll roads and changes in speed limits, and it even tells you when it’s time to take a break if you’ve been going for a while.

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