Dating older women in philadelphia

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Alas, Mother missed the family so we moved back to Rochester but what do you know….

Winter was still hard in NY so for the last time we moved back again to CA.!

Those baby boomers are hot on our heels, and want to know more about what lies ahead.

Nobody gave us a guidebook or shared what this path might be like.

leaving aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and traditions behind.She says there aren't many single men in her age range there. It doesn't have to be an activity where men are present nor does it have to be a "singles function." In fact, the ratio of single women to single men at "singles functions" is usually unfavorable for women.To get out and get involved with new people, Betty signed up for a bus trip to attend an opera in a larger city and met a widower on the trip. Meeting a man can happen to an older woman, but it won't happen by staying home all of the time. And the older the group of people, the worse the ratio will be.(Just a note on the quaint practices of medicine in the 1940’s!) I went to Catholic school and in the summers to Rotary Sunshine Camp for handicapped kids.

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