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The state appealed to the Nebraska Supreme Court on the grounds that the couples did not have standing because they did not apply for and were not rejected for a foster care license or having a state ward placed in their homes.The state also argued that the issue was resolved since it did not enforce the policy."It is legally indistinguishable from a sign reading 'whites only' on the hiring-office door," the justices wrote, referring to hiring practices discriminating against minorities that have long been ruled unconstitutional in the United States.

Nebraska lies within the Missouri River drainage system; the Platte, the major Nebraska tributary, joins the Missouri south of Omaha.As a result, the state has been a major food producer since statehood.Rivers have been important to Nebraska’s geography and settlement.Nebraska is bounded by the state of South Dakota to the north, with the Missouri River making up about one-fourth of that boundary and the whole of Nebraska’s boundaries with the states of Iowa and Missouri to the east.The boundary with Kansas to the south was established when the two territories were created by the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854.

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