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"What you are about to read is not simply the fastest road test in history.It is, in all likelihood, the fastest road test there will ever be.To this day, it remains the definitive road test of the most iconic British supercar of all time.It was such a hammer blow that it took Mc Laren 21 years to produce a supercar capable of coming close to the F1.Unresolved pain in his past can prevent him from committing.Committing involves risk; you are essentially taking a plunge, and investing energy in the relationship.

Most of us guys want to commit eventually, but we don't want to be the first one, and there is respect among guys for the last single guy in the group.Here, we republish that original Autocar road test from May 1994.It must be noted that the F1 was superceded by the limited-run hybrid P1 and lost its performance title to firstly the Bugatti Veyron and most recently the Chiron.In May 1994 we took the fifth Mc Laren prototype, codenamed XP5, to two proving grounds – Millbrook and Bruntingthorpe – to attempt to generate a full set of performance figures.That same car was driven, four years later, by Andy Wallace at Ehra-Lessien in Germany to record a world record-breaking 243mph.

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