Dating gloucester in services virginia

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Peasley's free school continues until 1756, when the Abingdon and Ware vestries petition for permission to build separate free schools in more convenient locations.

[MCC1] The rebel Nathaniel Bacon arrives in Gloucester after a campaign aimed against Governor Berkeley.

She had been captured and held prisoner at Jamestown for several months in 1612; while there she met the widower John Rolfe and they were married in 1613.

About three years after their marriage they went to live in London, where she was presented at court as the Lady Rebecca.

Smith later asserts that he was saved from execution by the intercessions of Powatan's young daughter, Pocahontas.

The location of Werowocomoco is variously ascribed to the present Wicomico region around Shelly or possibly at Purtan Bay (previously "Poetan", which may have derived from "Powatan").

[BOW1, GLO2, SIN1] Robert Throckmorton is believed to have received the first land grant north of the Charles River (variously 1635 [SIN1] or 1637 [BOW1, GLO2]).

He gives his own name to Tyndall's Point (which will later be named Gloucester Towne and then Gloucester Point) on the north side of a narrowing in the river.

[BOW1, MCC1] Pocahontas (also known by her Indian name Matoaka) dies in March of small pox in Gravesend, England.

Chief Opechancanough, brother of Powatan, leads the Indians but is later captured and killed near West Point. [GLO3] Gloucester County is formed from York County and includes the present county area and what is now Mathews County.

It is named for the English Duke of Gloucester, and is first referenced in a May 21 document transferring 1500 acres near Rosewell Creek to James Roe et al.

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