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Other bargains of the same reliable chassis included three PD1s with ECW bodies (a fascinating and pleasing combination to me) and three with BBW bodies – those six all from Bristol.

Then there was a lone PD2/MCW from Tynemouth, and there were two more Ribble PD1s from the same batch as those first mentioned above – but these had been upgraded to PD2 form and rebodied by Burlingham.

We had four highbridge PD1s from Ribble and seven from Preston Corporation, all around fifteen years old when acquired and in incredibly superb order and requiring virtually no attention.

A further four lowbridge PD2s from Ribble followed, along with one from West Wales.

Todmorden had some good destinations, from the confusing Portsmouth to Mankinholes and Lumbutts, the latter being very scenic services.

They were so keen on Leylands they even ran them to the Cross Lee estate!

As regards the incredible longevity of the Leyland bodies I have happy personal experience of working on many such fine vehicles.

Given that the newest was twenty years old to say it was a surprise when two of them were repainted in Calderdale livery is something of an understatement.

On the left of this photo taken in PTE days in December 1977 is the last operational ex Todmorden JOC PD2, as Halifax 356 which had been a Driver Training bus since withdrawal from passenger service.

On the right is its replacement – ex Halifax 279, a 1965 Roe bodied Leyland PD2/37.

T7 was later sold to a driving school in the West Midlands.

356 was put on one side for preservation but was eventually scrapped as a lost cause, a sad loss considering what can be achieved nowadays.

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