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There are some people who make the argument sororities/fraternities are HUGE networking tools once you are out in the “real world,” and in theory they will one day pay for themselves. The only money’s worth I ever got out of it was my money’s worth in liquor.In truth, the biggest argument I can make FOR going Greek is the friendship itself – which you can’t put a dollar value on.I did talk to someone in a frat at the U and he was saying you can live for really cheap at the frat house (a room could be as little as 0/month??? It’s not that the Greek system gives anyone a social life – it creates an insiders/outsiders atmosphere that I think colleges would be better off without.Of couse you would still have a social life in the absence of that system – in fact, you would have more people to choose to be friends with. @DC Yes, sometimes you can live in the house cheaper than you can anywhere else.It just depends on how much money your organization has.A lot of orgs require you to live in the house in order to help pay the mortgages on them!

If Jake Gyllenhaal comes up at a bar and asks you to bone – YOU FREAKIN’ BONE JAKE GYLLENHAAL.

around the Greek system – which isn’t abnormal for a school of its size.

Now that I am older, I see the Greek system was just a yard-stick of status we measured each other with, and we were all too happy to play the game because it meant instant friends and oceans of booze.

I also spent a good amount of money accepting every invitation that was thrown my way. I partied five of the seven night of the week that first year and it definitely added up.

I did some “research” for this post and went back through all my credit card statements from this period in my life.

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