Dating and mariiage in bangladesh Seks 3g

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Bengali weddings generally meet all the formal requirements for a marriage in Islam, such as consent of bride and groom, the presence of witnesses, payment of the mahr (dowry) to the bride, etc.

Beyond these legal requirements, a Bengali wedding is the most pompous and elaborate of all social ceremonies in Bangladesh.

Since Bangladesh is tropical in climate, summer is the hot and humid monsoon season, while winter is mild and pleasant from October to March.

Rural communication and travel are also easier and less hazardous in winter.

Bou Bhat is the bride's first meal at her in-laws house. Phool Sajja is the last Bengali wedding custom where the couple is dressed in new clothes. Perhaps when you are visiting the country you will see a marriage procession and witness some of the wedding customs of Bangladesh.

James Ball - 2010-05-15 This is some great information but I would like to point out that this is for a Hindu Marriage and this procedure is same pretty much in all of the India Sub Continent.

Adhibas Tattva are the gifts given to the groom from the bride.

Typically, wedding customs in Bangladesh take three days from engagement to post wedding rituals.

A pitcher of water is brought back for them to bathe in.

The morning meal will include macher laija bhaja, jal dhala bhaja, curd and chiruya.

The wedding ritual begins with the arrival of the groom's party at the house of the bride.

A great cacophony is made with bells, conch shells and ululation.

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