Dating an awkward guy

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I had known this guy Louis (changing his name to protect the awkward) for a while–we’d see one another around at parties and shows with mutual friends.

I turned on my hazard lights and was blocking traffic and had my seatbelt on. I was sort of mortified by the whole thing, but he just laughed, “That was awkward,” said goodnight and peaced out. Hopefully Louis is a genuinely nice guy–and not one of these. It may not be what he wants to hear, but you still should stress how much his friendship means by letting him know you don't want to lose it.Say, "I know it may be awkward, but I would really love to stay friends." Source: Shutter Stock Rejections are hard, and no one really wants to hear, "You're great, but I just don't like you that way." But I think it's still important to throw a few compliments in there.When I rejected my friend, I avoided him for a little bit because I felt so guilty...until he came up to me asking why I was doing that. Don't act like nothing happened and everything's fine, but don't ignore him either.

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