Date hook up live web cam

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There's a retracting shield which covers the camera when not in use.

You have to take apart the case (7 screws, two under rubber feet, snaps apart), move the shield manually, and unplug its motor so it doesn't slide back.

It's got a horizontal bracket extending behind the camera which lets it sit flat on top of the TV, and a vertical bracket underneath the horizontal one which slides against the back of the TV to keep it from tipping.

Here's the best picture of the camera that shows this I could find online: So yeah video quality will be better with a 1080p camera.

I thought I could plug a regular USB webcam into the USB port of the LCD, but my initial research tells me that that won't work, since the USB port is usually just for accessing media (photos/videos). This unit will take the HDMI out from your camera and send it wirelessly to the HDMI input on your TV. The camera will probably be within 6-7 feet of the TV--there's just one obnoxious wall blocking the view, and the camera would be around it.

Audio would be nice but not necessary, as the music can still be heard in the room. You will want to get a high quality camera so that the folks in the extra dining room are watching a nice, high definition image. Why are more people recommending component/rca over HDMI?

What is the best way to do this without dedicating an entire computer? Hi - you can get pretty much any video camera and TV if you get a 0 Nyrius Aries Pro Wireless 1080p transmitter and HDMI receiver.

I was thinking HDMI also, but ur the first to mention it.

It's a lot easier to string up cable for component (coax or you can even use ethernet cable with some adapters).

) of the camera's HDMI output might not match the TV's input, and live feeding MAY NOT WORK...something along those lines. Will most cameras with an HDMI output successfully live feed to a TV's HDMI input? If all you need is clean HDMI out and 6 to 7 feet of cable, you might want to try a 1080p webcam with a tripod mount and HDMI output like this 4 Logitech.

For what you're trying to do, you don't need all of the cost and complexity represented by a camcorder. Bill I don't think we even need to go wireless though.

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