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It is important to note that MDM implementations are typically not deployed in a "big bang" approach where all domains are managed across all methods of use.Organizations generally start with a limited scope that provides the highest return on investment in a relatively short time frame.For example, billing systems may need to get notified immediately when a customer address changes.This business logic can be customized for a particular deployment to reflect the needs of a particular industry as well as the unique characteristics of the implementing organization.As CDI and PIM products have matured, it was also observed that while CDI systems focused on the customer, it was often convenient for such systems to include references to the products or accounts that a customer has.Similarly, PIM systems often need to store or reference the suppliers of the products or services.

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Additional domains are added, the method of use may expand, or the implementation style may change to deliver additional business value.

Read the chapter below to learn about master data management (MDM) systems, or download a free of "What is a master data management system? In this section, we describe the three primary dimensions of this MDM solutions space.

As shown in Figure 1.6, the three dimensions are the domains of master data that are managed, the methods by which the system is to be used, and the styles of implementation that are needed for a particular deployment.

The rules for handling a product lifecycle are different than those for managing the lifecycle for a customer.

The MDM System may also be configured to issue alerts when interesting things happen.

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