Creative dating book

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Hugh began blogging in 2001, long before most people had any idea what a even was.

You’ve watched artists, performers and writers like Hugh Mc Leod, Amanda Palmer, Chase Jarvis, and Jeff Goins sell boatloads of creative work thanks to the platforms they have built from their blogs.

Don’t miss his Top-20 lists of drawing blogs to follow here and here.

Amy is a writer and illustrator from Malaysia who has been sharing creative ideas, tutorials, business guidance, and courses since 2008 at her site.

Hugh has not only built an extremely successful business out of drawing on the backs of business cards, but he’s also had three best-selling books, all of which grew out of recording and sharing his thoughts on his work while he made it.

If you haven’t picked up Hugh’s books yet, do so sooner rather than later. If you don’t mind straight talk, learn why most artists’ blogs fail.

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