Coping with ex wife dating another

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Instead, accept him for who he is as a whole man – and that includes his first marriage and his angry ex-wife.If you feel like your husband is part of the problem, read How to Fix a One Sided Relationship.I know it’s difficult, frustrating, and even aggravating – but when your husband’s ex-wife causes marriage problems, you may have to bear the burden.

The kids are (probably) innocent bystanders – and you’d be better off focusing on connecting with your step children instead of involving them in adult marriage and remarriage problems.Here’s what one wife said about her stepchildren and her husband’s ex wife: “During our weekend visits with his kids I tried to change things, such as poor eating habits. That’s what these tips are all about: finding healthy ways to cope with your husband’s ex wife so she doesn’t destroy your marriage.For instance, can you have lunch with your husband’s ex wife?It would take more than a single blog post to solve the problems caused by your husband’s first marriage! At the end of the post I share a few resources for remarriages and stepfamilies.Remember that how you deal with your husband’s ex wife will affect your marriage.

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