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Alas, the F10 menu bar trick will only last until you close the program.

To see the menu bar full time in Internet Explorer, choose Tools→Toolbars→Menu Bar, where Tools is a button on the toolbar.

To uninstall a toolbar, you remove the program that set the thing up in the first place.

Toolbars are a way to group commands for efficient access. Use toolbars in addition to or in place of menu bars.

For these reasons, a program's menu bar and its toolbar don't need to correspond directly.

Generally, toolbars work great together with menu bars: good toolbars provide efficiency and good menu bars provide comprehensiveness.

Toolbars can be more efficient than menu bars because they are direct (always displayed instead of being displayed on mouse click), immediate (instead of requiring additional input) and contain the most frequently used commands (instead of a comprehensive list).

In contrast to menu bars, toolbars don't have to be comprehensive or self-explanatory—just quick, convenient, and efficient.

If you are using menu buttons and split buttons in a toolbar, try to use the following standard menu structures and their relevant commands whenever possible.You can find an endless cornucopia of Google Desktop toolbars. The Links bar is another toolbar you can remove, though many prefer keeping it active as a bookmarks menu.Every program you install seems to have its own specialty toolbar it wants to add to your browser. The status bar is also useful because it provides information about the web page you’re viewing (or trying to view).Some toolbars are customizable, allowing users to add or remove toolbars, change their size and location, and even change their contents.Some types of toolbars can be undocked, resulting in a palette window.

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