Consolidating library itunes 9

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TUTORIAL: Where are the media files from the Photos app saved on my Mac?Some users are unaware that for each imported item i Tunes may create a copy.

Now when you import an item to i Tunes, a reference (or pointer) to the item is created rather than a copy of the item itself.I have a ton of music on my computer that I ripped from my personal CD collection.It isn’t uncommon for some people to have a vast music/video collection spanning multiple volumes or external disks.This lets you safely move your i Tunes folder to a new computer or external disk without losing anything.Here’s how to consolidate your i Tunes library1) Open i Tunes on your Mac or Windows PC.2) Click the File menu, then choose Library → Organize Library.3) Tick the option labeled “Consolidate files”.

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