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Click "Start Import" and go do the same for your other email accounts.

Google advises you that the import process may take several hours, even up to two days, before you start seeing imported mail.

I use the portable version which comes with portable apps, run from a USB stick, which allows me to use my e Mail with my settings from any computer. People go way overboard with the number of email accounts they use.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: That will bring in the mail, but not the contact lists. :-) I have 5 or so e Mail accounts and use Mozilla Thunderbird to access them all from the one location.

I have three email accounts, and it's a nuisance to check each one.

I also have trouble keeping my address books in sync, and when I'm looking for a certain message, I have to check in three places.

"EDITOR'S NOTE: Gmail's import feature DOES bring in mail from other accounts. Once registered (see the settings tabs) you can receive forwarded email from other accounts and send email that looks like it came from those accounts.

I use this feature to get my work emails and emails from five different accounts all coming into my main account. A better setup is AFTER you get everything into Gmail is to then go to each account you collect from and set them to automatically forward all email to the main Gmail address and shut off their Spam Filters .

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