College dating violence

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Key issue 1: Physical and sexual dating violence are common on college campuses.Perhaps reflecting the assorted definitions used by researchers, estimates about the rates of physical and sexual dating violence vary widely.One of the earliest studies on college student dating violence (Makepeace, 1981) showed that approximately 20% of college students had experienced at least one incident of physical dating violence.

********** College counselors face many challenges when working with college students who have experienced dating violence in the past or are currently experiencing it.These challenges include using appropriate assessment strategies, helping clients examine the consequences of the violence, and treating comorbid presenting problems.Based on a review of the literature examining college student dating violence, key issues are highlighted for college counselors to consider when they work with students whose lives have been touched by dating violence.We consider a dating relationship to be violent if one or more forms of violence are present.We use the terms dating violence and dating abuse interchangeably throughout this article.

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