Chuck woolery dating game show

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The announcement of the channel was made by SPE president Mel Harris.

Sony Pictures' holdings included those by Merv Griffin Enterprises and Barris Industries, Inc.

Although the show – a repackaging of somewhat dated British video game review shows (mostly – was short-lived, it was a sign of the network's change of format from Game Show Network's "all game shows, all the time" to what eventually became "GSN: The Network for Games". ET, Game Show Network began using the abbreviation "GSN" and introduced the tagline "The Network for Games", a move in line with the network expanding its programming to include the genre of reality television and various other competitions.

On December 2, 1992, Sony Pictures Entertainment made a deal to acquire the Barry & Enright game show library, and in a separate deal, struck a 10-year licensing agreement for the rights to the Mark Goodson game show library of more than 20,000 episodes including among others, What's My Line? Upon the deal, Sony said it would sell an equity stake in the network to Mark Goodson Productions, including the production of new original series by Jonathan Goodson Productions. From 1994 until about 1997, the network aired classic pre-1972 game shows as well as game shows made after 1972, most of which came from the Mark Goodson–Bill Todman library.

Contestants could win anything from jewelry to GSN merchandise, or during month-long contests, a new car or a hot tub.

Coupled with some of these changes in an aggressive marketing campaign.

The show featured calls from viewers, interviews with classic game show hosts and behind-the-scenes features of game shows.

At three separate points in each day, interactive games were played with at-home contestants.

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