Chris trousdale dating anna

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Anna was born in Täby, a small community north of Stockholm, Sweden.She has always had a passion for singing and dancing and, at the age of 5, she started singing in Ministrålarna, a famous Swedish vocal group.

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I was sad and hurt about the decision, especially the way it was handled. Starshine Magazine's Sandy Lo was helping Anna with the book, but had to step down due to her busy schedule.Anna was not asked to be a part of Play's reformation in 2009 that originally consisted of Anais, Fanny and Rosanna.Rosanna eventually dropped out of the group and was replaced by Sanne Karlsson.In November of 2009 Anna addressed the situation with a letter to Star Shine Magazine: "Dear Fans, I know you are upset and confused about the news that I will not be a part of the "new" Play.

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