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Her comedy tours, which accompanied the books’ releases, have grossed million.

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The only major nation missing is China, due to government regulations.

CEO Reed Hastings has said he is not giving up and will be “patient” with that market.

Through its Netflix Recommended TV initiative, the company gives a Good Housekeeping–like seal of approval to television devices that meet certain performance and functionality criteria.

And Netflix wants to be a part of that.” Near-live programming, he explains, fits with the company’s push to keep people paying .99 a month. They don’t care about nightly ratings—they care about subscribers coming back. As silly as it sounds, it feels good to do it.” It also makes smart business sense, undoubtedly providing leverage in negotiating with, say, major streaming companies. That means that each week this year, more than one new TV series, movie, documentary, stand-up special, or kids’ show will begin streaming, including Baz Luhrmann’s hip-hop drama, .

And with Chelsea Handler, they see a talent with a passionate fan base and a person who knows how to use social media to drive awareness.” When Handler isn’t posting risqué photos of herself (“I think nudity is funny, especially when it’s inappropriate,” she says), she’s tweeting out a cascade of zingers, put-downs, and comedic observations. In June 2014, Handler and Netflix signed a deal reportedly valued at million—or five times what John Oliver is said to be paid by HBO—for the show, the docuseries, and a stand-up special for Netflix (She’s filming one of her talk show’s field reports, this one focusing on a personal trainer who believes that inhaling marijuana before a workout enhances the exercise experience. Family shows and ’80s movies are popular on the site, and users, via surveys, have expressed a demand for younger-skewing fare.

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