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Shirt Rag – Free – 300 uses/rag minimum It took 45 seconds and didn’t get completely dry.

I also like to set them under my spices and things that will create spills because it makes for easier clean up.

One thing that leads to spending too much money on paper towels is leaving them out where a family can easily reach them.

Often minor spills, like water, juice, soda or Kool Aid spilled on a countertop doesn’t really require paper towels to clean up, but if the roll is on the counter or underneath the cabinets, husbands and kids especially will simply yank a big wad of them off the roll rather than using a rag, simply because they’re within view.

Of course, rather than just looking for cheap paper towels, you can save a lot more if you simply use fewer paper towels!

I know many people are afraid of certain kinds of messes and I admit that I have my limit, too, like pet messes and such, but many spills can be easily accomplished with cleaning rags instead of paper towels.

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