Chattin nude pics

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Her experience was limited to letting a few of her dates feel her tits and one poorly planned romp, in the back seat of her boyfriend's car, that cost her, her virginity.

I was surfing the net one night, while Jen was out with her friends, and found a swingers chat room. He asked if my wife was a swinger and I admitted that to my dismay, she was not.

Even though she is small physically, she can be very brassy and stubborn when she wants to be; one of the things she has maintained a very strong opinion of, is marital fidelity.

She strongly believes that it is wrong to have sex with anyone that you are not married to, so I never thought I would be able to convince her to have sex with another man.

She told me that she could never actually do it and that her refusal had nothing to do with whether or not she loved me.Finally, I was able to collect my thoughts long enough to say, "Anyway you want to do it is fine with me as long as you try it." That broke the spell and Jen began to unload on me."If it was up to me I would never do this, but since you keep pestering me about it, I'll try to do it for you." She took a deep breath and continued.To my surprise, she didn't become angry or shut me down.She continued to stroke my hard cock while she questioned me about what I would like to see her doing.

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