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The news that White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina penned an email to Romanoff outlining three potential jobs that might be available to the former legislator if he dropped his candidacy -- if not making a specific job offer -- came less than a week after the White House was forced to stamp out a controversy over the Administrations attempt to drive Rep. Pop music has always been influenced by the underground, and sometimes the lines get blurred and people start talking about David Guetta and something that’s not completely shit in the same context.

Sestak, like Romanoff, resisted the entreaties of the White House to step aside and went on to defeat Specter on May 18. When I say that I’m not talking about the house-inspired pop music you see in the charts.

Sia While Sia Furler prepares for The We Meaning You Tour this spring, were warming up with her dance floor jam, Youve Changed Shes going coasttocoast with some impressive stops such as playing the Coachella festival As her catalog expands on Some People Have Real Problems and her hit single Breathe Me from Six Feet Under, Sias new dance vibe is perfect for upbeat, likeminded party people.

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