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There were many nights I saw my mother with a furrowed brow and a tear or two rolling down her cheek. I knew that she had given up college, a college scholarship and a career to marry him.

I knew that she worked her fingers to the bone as a seamstress to make sure her children were well fed and lacked nothing.

So after a little while they notice the fishie is trying harder and harder to breath. The scene ofthe prized fishie has turned the fisherman from feeling accomplished and alive to feeling bored and even a little guilty, he made the fishie feel this way.

He knows he has made the fish suffer and wounded, but the fishie doesn’t make him feel good anymore.

Her relentless pursuit of her husband’s affections seemed so foolish to me. Incomprehensible, simply incomprehensible to the logically minded person I was growing up to be, as I did not want to be as “emotional” as I perceived my mother to be.

So, I embarked into adulthood, exchanging love for career, happiness for knowledge, intimacy for safety in solitude.

For example, my father was largely absent while I was growing up, and his reasons for doing that are not what is at issue here, but the fact that his family longed for his presence is what created the lasting wounds in my childhood.

I spent many evenings wondering where he was, what he was doing, who he was with and fretted much over the thought of him being harmed and that he would rather be with strangers than with us, his family who adored him.

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Yes, there is something to the fact that our unconscious mind is guiding our choices.

You first have the type that keep the fish to eat them. The second type is the keepers who would be C&Rs but need an ego boost or lack of self-esteem.

They appreciate what nature has given them, they don’t treat fishing as a sport. They are the ones who love the thrill and sport of catching the fish only to mount it so everyone else will say “wow what a beautiful catch, how did you ever manage to catch one like that?

They do it for the thrill of catching the “big one” only to take a few pictures and let it go again.

Then you have the fishermen who do it to keep their catch, it is done with the intent to eat or mount their prized catch.

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