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Now, almost 100 years after his great grandfather died on the battlefields of France, LCol Mc Kinstry’s son, Justin, is also in the CAF.

He served with the Canadian Army in Afghanistan and is now a Royal Canadian Navy clearance diver, hoping to commission to an officer from the ranks.

Five generations of military service in the Mc Kinstry family, dating from the First World War to the present, were remembered during their presentations.

Private William Mc Kinstry, a member of the 93rd Battalion (Peterborough), Canadian Expeditionary Force, from Peterborough, Ontario, was killed in France in March 1917.

Little more than two decades later, the son he never knew, Clifford Mc Kinstry, left for war himself, serving as a flight lieutenant with 426 Squadron with the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War.

He earned a Distinguished Flying Cross for conducting 34 death-defying missions with Bomber Command aboard Lancaster bombers.

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