Camera speed dating

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When I shot these pictures I had misgivings cause all I had was Kodak TMX 100, I thought for sure it’d be too slow.

However I was pleasantly surprised and liked all the photos on the roll.

Dating without the booze and the bullshit."⭐ "I decided to participate in Tantra Speed Date out of curiosity and left feeling excited and rejuvenated.

The experience not only proved to be great for the speed dating aspect (I met at least 3 amazing women) but also for healing and clarity -- I now feel that I have a much deeper understanding of what it means to be a man in a relationship and how to make dating a beautiful experience."-Justin M.⭐ "Not only did I meet amazing open-hearted people, I experienced genuine healing through the connection exercises.

173 2x3 Auto 1912-191433214 3A Graflex 1912-191447402 - Graflex 1A -- 1915 approx.44859 2x3 Auto 1915-191648245 - 3.25 x 5.5 compact graflex early 1920s56232 5x7 Home Portrait 1916-191766669 top handle speed late teens78238 5x7 press graflex approximately 1915780(8)45 4x5 Top Handle Speed 191577482 3A Graflex 1915-191684407 5x7 Press Graflex 85996 - top handle speed 1917-191886300 4x5 top handle speed 1917-191887794 - 5x7 speed 1918-191988330 5x7 compact Graflex - 1917-191888374 5x7 compact graflex 1916-191891208 4x5 Auto Graflex -- 1916-191992230 2x3 Auto 1917?

31, 190928207 - pre introduction speed 191128613 3x4 Auto 1911-19123?

Initially I liked it because it had two different aperture settings and despite the gloomy weather it took great photos.

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Though a friend of mine played around with it and it seems to have righted itself, but I have yet to test it out since.See why singles from New York to San Francisco—and now London!—are not only are raving about this inventive and affirming approach to dating, but are falling in love with the magic of Tantra Speed Date.1917-1919)100573 RB Graflex Junior 101084 3x4 top handle speed 1916-1917109798 5x7 compact graphic late 1919 1920110518 - 3x4 Top Handle Speed Graphic (camera not dated, est.1919 )111170 3.5 x 5.5 Top Handle Speed 1918 to 1920114168 3x4 RB Tele march 1921119544 RB Series B spring 1922, listed as a Tele122098 3x4 RB Auto 1922-1923126379 2x3 RB Auto 1923141580 4x5 Auto Graflex 1924142772 - 3x4 Series B -143124 Series B 1925144339 3x4 Series B 1925146133 Series B 1925-1926154561 RB Series B 1926157258 5x7 2D --160990 3x4 RB Auto 1928161429 Series D -- 1927162053 Series B 1928167748 RB Series D late 1929 early 1930173470 RB Series B 1930173655 RB Tele Graflex 1930 logged as Series D173747 RB Series D -- 1930175549 5x7 Speed graphic 1931178123 3x4 RB Series B -- 1931182582 3x4 series B July 1933186880 4x5 pre anniversary -- 1935187383 3x4 Series D -- 1935187838 - -- 1935188090 5x7 Speed 1935188112 5x7 Speed 1935188672 4x5 RB Series D late 1935198477 4x5 Series D -- 1937199363 speed 1937199732 speed -- 1957224448 - pre anniversary 1937 to 1939225775 anniversary 1939225988 first 2x3 rb speed graphic?

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