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There are twenty episodes in the series that each run for an hour.Two feature length movies were produced based on the series.

Other episodes in the series deal with vampires, flying saucers and ghosts.

Unfortunately, I said the first thing that came into my head. ” I could see at once that this was the wrong thing to say. “French women are much more at ease.” Again and again, with even the kindest French women, it is hard to avoid the sense that one is being judged and found wanting, because we are different. ” said the midwife crossly, when I arrived at the maternity unit. Would you have your appendix out without an anaesthetic?

So I changed tack, and asked her how much they were. In France, everyone has an epidural.” Later, she asked me if I was going to breast-feed my baby. Most French women bottle-feed; there is no breast-is-best Gestapo here.

As it is, I’m lucky to have my own very close French friend, Emilie, to answer my questions about French women, so that my petty insecurities (Why do they never smile? Why do they look at me as if I am completely thick? They know exactly whom they mean by that: Jane Birkin, la petite Anglaise par excellence, reigns at the pinnacle of this pantheon, flanked by the young Charlotte Rampling and Kristin Scott Thomas.

) never quite have the chance to fester into a full-grown complex. Do they ignore me simply because I’m English – or is it more personal than that? There was even a hugely successful 1976 rom-com, À Nous Les Petites Anglaises, that features a trio of hapless young Frenchmen sent to Brighton to learn English, who fall in love with the exotic, alluring, incomprehensible geishas of East Sussex. They often stay in gaggles of women, rather than flirt with the men.

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