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The 54 kilometer Birkebeiner race in Norway commemorates a trip by two loyalists of the Birkebeiner Party, a rebellious Norwegian political faction organized in 1174.

Using the record set in 2004, 3 hours and 48 minutes, the researchers estimate that the original skiers would have needed 8 hours and 10 minutes to race after Gustav Vasa.From the first settlers over 10,000 years ago to today’s most popular bands, Ireland’s contribution the music scene is both extensive and influential around the world.Known as the Wicklow Pipes, one of the oldest wind instruments ever discovered were found in Wicklow, Ireland, with carbon dating age of over 4150 years.The researchers tested a reproduction of the Salla ski, found in Finland and dated to 3200 BCE.These skis were flat, and skiers used just one pole to keep their balance, brake, and turn.

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