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Machine-made bottles on average are worth much less and are much less interesting to collectors than are the earlier mouth-blown ones.

Mouth-blown is probably a more correct term than hand blown, though they’re synonymous.

Pennsylvania has almost 2,000 different Hutchinson soda bottles alone!

Embossing accounts for a lot of a bottle’s popularity. And color and age also help determine value or collector interest.

And those bottles date from right around the early 1860s when the first successful glass factory started in the Bay Area to the 1910, 1920 era when machines took over. Spring tonic, some claimed it rejuvenated and invigorated, back then during the great age of quackery.

Even after that point, people collect ACL, applied color labels, soda bottles which are machine-made, and milk bottles which are machine-made, the vast majority of them. There’s another one I have, not a tonic bottle but it’s called William Radam’s Microbe Killer.

My maternal grandfather and uncle got into bottles in about 1965 or ‘66 when I was in high school, and we started digging.I have 150 or 175 different ones and I know of over 400 that exist, ones embossed with the word tonic.So-and-so’s wiregrass tonic, lung and liver tonic or whatever.The air from a glassblower was used to inflate and make the bottle versus a machine, which produced pressurized air.In terms of what I’m most passionate about it’s Western mouth-blown bottles, bottles that are clearly identified with the West or made in the West.

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