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It also helps him and his friends to get by the Bunker's defenses.

Bill Cipher (possessing Dipper's body) tries to find and destroy it, but is stopped by Mabel.Later, Dipper uses the journal to help him catch a Gremloblin in "Boss Mabel." In "Bottomless Pit!," Mabel, who reads it for the first time in the series, uses the journal to uncover the Truth Telling Teeth.The entry tells him to "pray for mercy." In "Not What He Seems," Dipper uncovers a warning against using the Universe portal (written in invisible ink) by joining the blueprints of Journal 3 with those on Journal 1 and Journal 2.In "The Last Mabelcorn," Journal 3 is seen in Ford's mindscape, as he is running to confront Bill about the true purpose for the portal. the Future," Ford shows Dipper that he read Dipper's notes added in Journal 3.

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