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Corey Rudl, Declan Dunn, Marlon Sanders, John Audette, Ken Evoy, Allan Gardyne, Jim Daniels, Michael Campbell, Jonathan Mizel and Rob Frankel… The keys to YOUR success are all summed up in 50 hard-hitting pages with no padding. ___________________________________________________________ =================================2. How I made 103 sales in 4 days================================= Longtime readers of this newsletter will know that I have a passion for lifetime commission affiliate programs – ones which pay you over and over again. Two weeks ago, Ken Evoy launched “Make Your Site SELL!2002”, the ultimate reference manual for anyone selling anything on the Net. They have learned that in every product he produces he OVER-delivers, offering unsurpassed value. This predatory advertising by e Zula, Surf and Gator has angered web site owners. Consumer Info is one of a small group of companies still using e Zula's predatory advertising, which places advertising links on web sites without the owner's permission. 50% Commission per Sale We offer Instant Ebook Business Packages withmaster reprint rights, our most popular product paying.36 commission while our highest paying productwill see you earn 9.33 for every sale… Be Free rewards predatory advertiser======================================= Be Free has rewarded a persistent user of predatory advertising, Consumer, with an “Acclamation Point”. How Slashdot survived the attack, and other news11. Thought for today: Pessimists and optimists __________________________________________SPONSOR__________ Affiliates Wanted!Obviously, it's still at the forefront of our minds and will be for a long time to come. In Be Free's new Acclaim Program, merchants receive an “Acclamation Point” if they reach and maintain a specific set of “affiliate-friendly” criteria.

You receive the answer to this question: What does it REALLY take to make a huge profit online?If you've already joined Ken's 5 Pillar affiliate program you'll know that when it comes to looking after his affiliates, he always goes the extra mile.Here's how: Aren't you fed up with merchants who use you to attract visitors and then divert them to another site without paying you a commission? Aren't you also fed up with affiliate program managers who keep trying to sell you things instead of helping you succeed? When he recommends a product or service in his newsletters, he NEVER uses an affiliate link. 2002”, in which Ken recommends a huge number of useful resources, Ken NEVER uses an affiliate link.Now they've been told they won't receive ANY payments.In a letter to affiliates, i Boost discusses the decline in online advertising, dot-com failures and job cuts.

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