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To display the Parcel Usage page: This page only shows the usage of parcels, not components that were installed as packages.

If you select a cluster running packages, the cluster is not displayed, and instead you see a message indicating the cluster is not running parcels.

The host map at the right shows each host in the cluster, with the status of the parcels on that host.

If the host is running the processes from the currently activated parcels, the host is indicated in blue.

A black square indicates that a parcel has been activated, but that all the running processes are from an earlier version of the software.

However, until you restart the services, the previously active parcel displays a status of Still in use because the services are using that parcel, and you cannot remove the parcel until it is no longer being used.Cloudera Manager manages the parcels without the need for users to manipulate parcels in the filesystem.You can cause failures in your cluster if you perform any of the following unsupported actions: On the Parcels page in Cloudera Manager, you can manage parcel installation and activation and determine which parcel versions are running across your clusters.Clicking a role opens the Cloudera Manager page for that role. If a host is running various software versions, the square representing the host is a four-square icon .When you move the cursor over that host, both the active and inactive components are shown.

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