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A very common Attribute is Serializable, which means the object can be saved. Data Object Field to markup the field for the Grid View.A class marked [Serializable] would have code added to save and load a saved object automatically. The true parameter marks the field as a primary key, which will automatically add the field name to the “Data Key Names” list of the Grid View.

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There are a few constraints for the middle tier to be able to use an Object Data Source.

When using Data Sets and Table Adapters, everything is a dream, but when using your own custom objects the wizards and property pages act like you don’t exist.

The good news is with a little extra code, we can have our custom objects act just like fancy Data Sets.

The middle tier has to be stateless, supply a default constructor (without parameters) in case of instance methods (not needed for static methods) and all logics have to be implemented in one single class.

The positive side for using an Object Data Source is that the result of a query can be any possible collection (dataset, datatable), array or list of objects.

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