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Even though App Store functions in an ideal way most of the times, the i Phone apps stuck on waiting problem can be caused by some issue with App Store as well. To avoid this issue, you need to keep your device storage free on a regular basis.

Therefore, if your apps stuck on waiting i OS 11, then it is recommended to update them via i Tunes. Go to its Settings Usage and check how much free space you have on your device.

There are a number of reasons why an app might get stuck when installing.

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In this way, you would be able to delete any faulty app on your device as well. Firstly, identify the apps that are not being able to load. Now, go to your phone’s Settings Storage & i Cloud Usage. From here, you need to select the “Manage Storage” section to manage your apps. This will provide a list of all the apps that are installed on your device. Simply tap on the app that you wish to uninstall and select the “Delete App” option. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to update all the apps before proceeding with the i OS 11 upgrade. From the navigation tab at the bottom, tap on the “Updates” option. This will provide a list of all the apps that require an update. Simply tap on the “Update” button adjacent to the app icon of the faulty app. To update all the apps at once, you can tap on the “Update All” button. If you wish to turn on the auto-updating feature, then go to your device’s Settings i Tunes & App Store and turn on the feature of “Updates” under Automatic Downloads.

After closing all the apps, you can try to launch the respective app again.

This is considered as one of the ideal solutions to fix several issues related to i OS devices without causing any data loss or harm.

Read on and be familiar with 6 surefire ways to fix apps stuck on waiting i OS 11 (including i OS 11.1/11.2/11.3).

Since every device responds to a new i OS update in its own way, a solution that works for someone else might not work for you.

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