An intimidating woman

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“We’re so cool, even our trees have bling,” I overheard someone say.

Many people I talked to didn’t even know the 300th was happening. I guess I’m part of this 300 years celebration in that I was born and raised here, and I’m 54, so of that 300 years I’ve got half a century,” said Curtis Walker, an Uber driver who loves music and recommends the late-night club Seal’s Class Act. But maybe I’ll get a lot of rides.” Still, 300 years is a significant milestone for a city that often seems to be at risk of sinking into the sea.

Employers are encouraged to take steps necessary to prevent sexual harassment from occurring.

They should clearly communicate to employees that sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

When I landed at the airport for this most recent visit, I already had a hotel that felt like home (The Columns), a least-favorite popular food (sorry, po’ boy fans), a local institution I recommend to all new visitors (Backstreet Cultural Museum in Tremé) and a favorite leather bar in the French Quarter for getting a cheap 11 a.m.

to-go Bloody Mary (Rawhide2010 — though the graphic S&M playing on the TV screens at all times probably isn’t for everyone).

Sexual harassment can occur in a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to the following: It is helpful for the victim to directly inform the harasser that the conduct is unwelcome and must stop.On my first trip to New Orleans, eight years ago, I bought a new pair of sneakers.By the end of a week I had danced in the streets so much I’d worn holes through the bottoms of each of them, straight through to my socks.The victim should use any employer complaint mechanism or grievance system available.When investigating allegations of sexual harassment, looks at the whole record: the circumstances, such as the nature of the sexual advances, and the context in which the alleged incidents occurred.

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